Who we are

SAAL Infotech, founded in 2023, is a USA-based company that provides a blend of technology, health science, and social services support services to our clients throughout the world. SAAL Infotech came of age as a traditional information technology company. Through the years we have acquired and developed outstanding subject matter expertise in health sciences and social services, as well as substantial knowledge in other technical disciplines. The broad spectrum of services we offer supports the missions of organizations that greatly impact those living in our communities.

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Continuous process improvement is the foundation of our corporate Process Improvement Program. We structured our standard project management processes to conform to the Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI’s) Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM). Our CMM-compliant management practices ensure high levels of consistency and quality. SAAL Infotech is one of fewer than 2,000 organizations worldwide to have been independently assessed at CMMI Level 3.

SAAL Infotech’s outstanding blend of subject matter and technical expertise is supported by a disciplined management infrastructure and sound corporation. Our subject matter expertise allows us to appreciate the intricacies of our clients’ requirements and our technical expertise ensures that we can satisfy them. Our CMM-compliant approach to management ensures high-quality and repeatable results. Our ethics and sound financial and administrative corporate practices ensure that we will be here to support our clients’ organizations in the long term.

Client Reviews

They were straight to the point, took their time to understand our needs, and were able to come up with succinct solutions to complex and unique problems. Reliable, fast, and trustworthy. Saal Infotech products have become an integral part of our operations, and we go to them when we need scalable, reliable, and supported systems.
Bryan Gately Curtin Maritime